Liberal Democrat campaigners, led by Andrew George, Cllr Sue James and Cllr Mario Fonk, are continuing to fight for a fair deal for Cornwall’s NHS.

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Why Andrew George, our Parliamentary candidate and former St Ives constituency MP, is campaigning to win here in West Cornwall:

If you’re wealthy, privileged, anticipate a large inheritance, have more than one home, are a land speculator, want to hide your wealth from the taxman, believe man’s contribution to climate change is exaggerated and that the ill’s of society are foreign in origin and believe the poor have only themselves to blame you’ll be pleased with this Conservative Government.

However, if you’re poor, sick, disabled, depend on tax credits, are a young person seeking hope for your future, are poorly housed, depend on public services, want to put patients before profit in the NHS, want to put local need above developers’ greed in Cornwall, want an open, tolerant and united society or are a creature who’d prefer not to be chased across the countryside to your death just for fun then you have much to fear from allowing the Tories to carry on running the country; and with the support of less than 24% of the electorate.

I never came in to politics for personal advancement, but to stand up for those who find it difficult to stand up for themselves.

I promised not to walk away following the result of the last election. And I’m not walking away, nor from the values which brought me into this.

I retain a strong sense of duty to those I came into politics to fight for. Though it’s difficult, I will continue that work.

I hope you will join us to support the great team we have here. We have made a good start with the fightback and are determined to win.

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The Lib Dem Fight-back in Cornwall


Cornwall Liberal Democrats have won a string of Cornwall Council by-elections over the past 18 months.

There is now a 44 strong team of Liberal Democrat Councillors on Cornwall Council, making us the largest group on the council.

We work with other Councillors who share our views and believe that we should put the interests of Cornwall before party politics.

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Office address: The Orchard, Alverton Road, Penzance. TR18 4TE

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